Good and Bad Days… It’s the Support that is Offered by Timeout Homes

At Timeout Homes, we pride ourselves on providing therapeutic environments to help children achieve their goal of developing the best skills they can to become independent adults; although no organisation can be a true parent, as a family run organisation, we apply our family values in everything we do.


The role of a Therapeutic Carer at Timeout means you would be responsible for providing therapeutic and reparative experiences for our children through daily routines, night sleep ins, and actively engaging with internal professionals; in both education and therapy, and external agencies.


One of our Therapeutic Carer’s, Ollie Kirk, has worked with us for over two years now and is a valued member of the Timeout team. “I started out as a traditional everyday nursery worker but wanted a change to something to gain a new insight into the different roles within childcare” said Ollie. “To come from a generic nursery role to a therapeutic carer has proved way more rewarding, which is a huge thing for me. It’s different from day to day care with the likes of the therapeutic model and The Secure Base Model.” Added Ollie.


We base our work on nine company values. One, in particular, which was important to Ollie was, ‘Take the Opportunity to Reshape a Child’s Future.’ A value that links to the job role of a Therapeutic Carer in many ways, but one which Ollie felt was accurate due to the chance to bring the everyday to children who haven’t necessarily had the opportunity. It’s a fantastic chance to work with children who have possibly had inconsistencies and giving them the understanding of everyday life. This is completed through a range of learning activities which increases confidence and self-esteem, as well as preparing children for independence and adult life.


In addition to this, another value important to Ollie is, ‘Gain Ownership Through Autonomy’. This is because the job starts with, what can you do differently to help the children learn? And, like any job, there are good days and bad days. But, the support offered by Timeout through informal and formal meetings, training, and the opportunity to gain an accredited qualification makes it a supportive place to work.


“From the interview process, I found that I wanted this job more and more. The questions the interviewer was asking, gave me the want to succeed in this job role and have an impact on a child’s life. In comparison with what I have seen; The Secure Base Model is a lot better than others. It is more focused on the everyday that we do, and the model is perfect to track in this way and move forward. The support offered by Timeout is the main reason why this is such a good company to work for. You’re always learning whether that is through direct training or on the job.” Boasted Ollie.


“The little touches like the MD (Dominic Macauley) knowing your name even with indirect contact, the friendly atmosphere when you walk into the office, makes you feel like you are part of a team and not just an employee. Every day is different. You could come in on a weekday and be taking a child to school, then have meetings, then heading off to Blackpool. If you’re looking for something with variation, then I would definitely recommend the role of a Therapeutic Carer.” Said Ollie.


If you would like more information on the Therapeutic Carer job roles we have available, please find out more through the link below:


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