A Day to Shape Your Future: Timeout Recruitment Day

On Thursday 28th November, I had the privilege of sitting in on the recruitment day at Timeout Homes. I can honestly say… what an insight.


I have spent a lot of time within the office at Timeout Homes over the past couple of weeks; learning what is a completely new sector to me. Which means the recruitment day wasn’t only interesting, but also insightful to learn more about the major question: what is it like working for Timeout Homes?


This type of day is something that I have never attended as a candidate, or even looked over as the employer but, I can’t stress enough… that it is a fun, yet professional way of allowing potential candidates to really shine in their possible future, working environment.


Ten passionate hopefuls took part in various fun activities, question and answer sessions, presentations and much more; giving the team at Timeout Homes the difficult decision of hiring the perfect candidates for the job openings.


The most pivotal point for me was the question and answer session with one of the children at Timeout Homes. I think it is fair to say that the candidates took a friendly grilling in such a humorous way from this one little girl. She asked them questions such as: what makes you different and, what could you bring to Timeout Homes?


However, when the candidates were asked the question, ‘what would you come to our Disney themed Christmas party dressed as?’… I quickly learnt that I could not attend dressed as Pocahontas… because that is her costume!


Who would have known, that on a day like a recruitment day, someone who isn’t even a candidate would steal the limelight in only the most positive way! And, if I asked any of the candidates if they minded, I can guarantee that all of them would say no without even thinking twice. Afterall, at Timeout Homes, one of the values is ‘Take the Opportunity to Reshape a Child’s Future’.


There are pages and pages I could write about how informative the short part of this day I shadowed was. But I think if you are looking for a career within the residential children’s home sector, then start with one of Timeout’s recruitment days. You will thank me later.


Keep an eye out for when our next recruitment day will be, and if you would like to know more about how the day is run, or how you can apply to be in with a chance of attending, you can do so by clicking here.


*This blog piece was written by our freelance marketing team. The views are their own and not those of Timeout Homes.

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