There isn’t a party like a Timeout Christmas Party

We pride ourselves on making the festive period as magical as possible for all the children in our care. We are only able to do this through hard work and dedication from everyone in the organisation.


The Christmas party is something that has improved as the years have passed by. Previously at Timeout, an annual Christmas talent show happened in which children could take to the stage and showcase their special talents. Since the talent show, it has slowly developed into a meal and Christmas party!


So, after careful thinking and planning, we thought to take inspiration from the staff party. Chen Dunn, Practice Lead said; “We realised how much fun the staff Christmas party was and thought that it would be a good idea to mirror this for the children. We thought about the venue and how welcoming they are, and then thought how we could make it slightly different. This is where we thought of the theme of Disney characters and treated the children beforehand. The talent show was good fun for most, but the pressure of having to perform and get an act together could end up as too much and took the fun away.”


Our Christmas party was held at The Fleece Countryside Inn and as stated above held a Disney theme. Hair and makeup treatments were just two of the ways we treated our children beforehand, and then they had the chance to get dressed up as their favourite Disney characters. The staff also dressed up which made it really special for the children!


The party also gave children a chance to get up on the stage and receive awards and presents from Santa. Chen added, “the children who we didn’t think would get as involved, loved it and embraced it. We all had our fancy dress on, and I think it is fair to say that at Timeout, we do things for the right reasons.”


Furthermore, one of the most important things to take from our Christmas party, is the demonstration of ‘togetherness’. It was a chance for all the children to be together and sit with various directors and different job roles and just have fun.


The festivities are almost done for another year and we already cannot wait for what next year has in store.


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