Deck The Halls fa la la la la….. here we go again at Timeout Homes!


Deck the halls is, as we all know one of our many traditions here at Timeout. The children and carers dress their homes for the christmas period.

In fact, Deck the Halls is becoming more grand year on year. Our children and carers go above and beyond to ensure the best displays in their homes. It really is an amazing way to raise the festive spirit throughout the company.

This is of course a Christmas competition which is exciting for all involved.

As always, our CEO Janet Lumb (our very own Mother Christmas) judges the festive competition.

All was set up for Janet to visit each home to see and judge each home individually, but sadly as we all know the dreaded covid got in the way, Janet was so disappointed as the previous year was cancelled for this same reason. But this did not deter us (the show must go on) all the homes provided Janet with excellent photos and videos of their homes.


The displays on offer this year were just incredible!! The creativity and imagination that go into the decorating is really very good. From the children’s own artwork displayed on the walls and throughout the homes to amazing light displays.


Deck the halls is an amazing activity, for one main reason, it raises festive spirit across all the homes, bringing carers, children and staff closer together at such a lovely time of the year. It’s a chance for us to show our children how special they are not just at this time of the year but always.

So as mentioned this is still a competition the rewards and prizes are getting better each year including a driving experience and chill factor vouchers.

Congratulations to 1st prize winners this year to Lindley and runners up to Pembroke.

Well done to all the homes involved.


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