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As  a company we offer an excellent training and development programme in all our roles.

Our aim is to create a space within which young people can learn and grow into calm responsible adults.

To achieve this we offer our carer’s a comprehensive training package.

Including the following courses –

Mandatory Classroom Courses & Ideally when need to be completed from start date


TCI – 3 months
(10am – 4pm for 5 days)
Induction Training – 3 – 6 months
This training consists of 3 sessions
(10am – 2pm)
Therapeutic Model – 3 – 6 months

(10am – 3pm)

Safeguarding & Managing Risk – 3 – 6 months

(10am – 2.30pm for 2 days)

Record & Report Writing – 3 – 6 months

(10am – 3pm)

Understanding Self-Harm and Suicide- 6 months

(10am – 1pm)

Sexualised Behaviour- 6 months

(10am – 2pm)

Ofsted- 6 months
(10am – 1pm)
Emergency First Aid at Work- 6 months

(10am – 4pm)

Fire Marshal- 6 months

(10am – 2pm)

Boundaries/Reflective Practice- 6 months

(10am – 1pm)


The training starts practically straight away as soon as you have started your job role at Timeout, with Induction training followed by TCI.

Timeout encourage the training to be completed as soon as possible, this not only helps with caring for the children but it means that when the staff are ready to move on within our business, they have a superb file of qualification’s.

We care about your development as we understand that the quality of care can only be delivered to our standards, with our collective knowledge and skill.

We also support and develop with you to complete your NVQ. We hold college days at head office, which is a great opportunity for employees to get direct support from their assessors.

With all this support, guidance and knowledge , I am sure you will agree Timeout is the place to be.


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