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The Woodland trust is in it’s 10th year of being actively involved with schools across the UK. Riverbank is one of those schools and we are proud to announce we have just received a GOLD AWARD.

James Docherty (Head of Education) has informed me as from September the school will be working towards achieving the Platinum Award.

Riverbank School really does lend itself to this type of scheme, we have an established forest school attached to the side of the school, which is a fantastic resource for the pupils. The woodland is is used for a range of outdoor activities which can take place within a peaceful setting.

Being awarded such an accolade is fantastic and has really embedded outdoor learning as part of the ethos of the school.

Now that school has reached gold level on the Green Tree Schools Award the scheme automatically unlocks two bonus projects. These activities provide engaging opportunities for outdoor learning and will help the pupils and staff work towards their Platinum Award.

The Woodland Trust create havens for wildlife by planting millions of trees every year, campaign for new laws to protect ancient woodland and restore damaged ancient woods so they can breathe again. Their vision is a UK rich in native woods and trees, for people and wildlife. I think we can all agree this is a rewarding for all involved but also more importantly the environment.

Excited to see the new projects underway from September.



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