Kapital motivation: “follow your dreams!”

Kapital visits Timeout Children’s Homes

Kapital, the UK and international musical recording artist and rapper, recently visited Timeout Children’s Homes. All the children from our Riverbank and Elland House came together at head office for the event.

He inspired the audience by talking about how everyone can turn around a difficult life, and the importance of following your own dreams. He then performed some of his own music before spending time signing pictures for all of the children.

As a qualified teacher, Kapital has great experience talking to and inspiring young people from all around the world. Our children related to and loved his music. He made a great impact on them, and they really thought about and understood his message of following their dreams. They were so inspired by the visit that one child decided then and there that they would become a teacher. They have all been talking about the visit, and hoping for more time with Kapital.

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