A Shared Future

Our greatest achievements have come through sharing ideas and thoughts, we all got together a few years ago and asked ourselves the following two questions:

  • What do you care about the most in your role?
  • What is the future organisation you’d be proud to help build?

The purpose of doing such a piece of work was to provide everyone within our organisation a clear understanding of our aims, and how we shape and develop into the future. It has helped us shape and build a value driven organisation.

Our Aims
& Objectives

  • To develop a group of people who are cohesive, aligned & passionate about changing children’s lives
  • To achieve the best possible outcomes for every child we care for and provide life lasting positive change to their lives
  • To provide environments where people can grow, develop and learn
  • To be innovative and strive to continuously improve
  • To create a value driven culture


Take The Opportunity To
Reshape A Child’s Future

This value represents the purpose of everybody’s role within Timeout. All our people regardless of role all contribute to reshaping a child’s future and it is crucial that we do not lose sight of that.

Create Trust
Through Transparency

At Timeout our biggest asset is our people. To ensure that we are as effective as we can be, we need to develop and maintain strong relationships with the children and ourselves. This will not be achieved without gaining trust from each other.

Positive And
Honest Behaviour

Promote positive and honest relationships through respectful communication.
Communication must be clear, respectfully delivered and solution focused.

Be Curious
And Inquisitive

At Timeout, we are able to develop and innovate due to our inquisitiveness and daring to change. It is vital that we do not lose sight of this, as it provides the platform for innovation.

Take Every Chance
To Learn

As a group of people wanting to change the future of children’s lives, we must hold a passion for learning and see opportunities to learn in everything
that we do.

Be Creative, Passionate
And Adventurous

To inspire children through the work that we do we must embed this value into everything that we do. It means to push the boundaries and limitations and not be afraid to make a mistake.

Gain Ownership
Through Autonomy

In our work we need to have a
leadership mentality and this is gained through working independently and self-belief.

Acknowledge And Celebrate
Every Achievement

We need to recognise and celebrate achievements in all areas.

Be Prepared And Organised
To Safeguard All

Our primary task at Timeout is
to ensure that safeguarding is
at the core of everything that
we do.

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