Our Mission

“An organisation can never be a true parent, however it can apply the values and principles of good parenting. Our aim is to achieve this through promoting an awareness of a young person’s perspective, and by never losing sight, within the ‘big picture’, of the small actions that make a real difference to young people’s daily lives.”

Timeout are a family run organisation, established with the aim of making a real difference to the lives of children with complex needs.

The first Timeout Home was opened in Rochdale in 2004, we have then slowly and carefully grown our service. Timeout now has 18 homes across the North West and West Yorkshire. We have developed an integrated, therapeutic, evidence-based approach to care that has enabled Timeout to become a first-call company for many local authorities.

Since our inception we have only provided care in solo and dual homes with a minimum of 1:1 care. We know that children who have suffered early life trauma or neglect require this high level of care to help them recover. Each home is designed specifically to nurture young people so they can learn how to live a positive, independent life.

A central part of the therapeutic development of a young person is their education. Although we strive to keep a child’s placement in mainstream schools, Timeout has established three specialist schools for those who have been excluded or require more detailed support. Our schools provide tailored educational programs for every pupil. The excellent quality of our schooling has led to local authorities taking day places for pupils unable to cope in mainstream education.

“Our strength is helping children who need one to one staffing levels to equip them with the skills to progress in life.”
- Janet Lumb, CEO of Timeout Homes

Our People

At Timeout it is our people who give us our identity and culture and this differentiates us. It is our commitment in hiring and developing teams to deliver the highest quality of care with the aim to achieve the best outcomes possible for the children in our care.

The role our people have is a challenging one but it also one which is hugely rewarding with real opportunities to work as part of a team to make a real difference to a child’s life. To support this work we provide a full comprehensive professional development for everyone to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to develop a successful career in this sector.

Start a rewarding career with us.

Timeout Foundation

We have a strong commitment to making a real difference in these children’s lives and, in particular, giving them the skills to understand their own self worth. The Foundation was a natural extension of our determination to give these children confidence in their future.

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