Senior Development Programme – Take every chance to learn


Our Senior Development Programme, which came into effect on the 01/06/2022, has been a wonderful opportunity for carers to extend their skill set and gain more experience. This program was created with all our staff’s development in mind, allowing them to build up the crucial skills and knowledge they need in order to progress into a Senior Therapeutic Carer role. The results have been impressive – seven carers have already successfully completed it and become Senior Therapeutic Carers! Let’s take a closer look at what this program offers.


This programme provides an incredible opportunity for carers to expand their knowledge and develop the necessary skills in order to become a senior therapeutic carer. Through this 3-month programme, carers will learn about crisis support, team management techniques, communication strategies, research methods and other relevant topics that are key components of becoming a successful senior therapeutic carer. Furthermore, they will receive individualized mentorship from experienced professionals as well as practical experience by working closely with team members and clients. All of these components combined make this programme an invaluable resource for those who wish to further their careers in the field of caring.

In addition to these benefits, our programme also aims to cultivate a culture of growth within our organisation. We want our employees to feel supported in their efforts to reach new heights within their respective fields and we strive to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable taking risks and exploring new possibilities. This will not only help them grow professionally but also personally as they gain confidence and develop new relationships with colleagues along the way.

Since its introduction 7 months ago, we have seen an incredible impact on the careers of those who have completed this program successfully. Not only have seven carers effectively become Senior Therapeutic Carers but we’ve received some terrific feedback from them about how valuable this experience has been for them individually! Their hard work has certainly paid off – we’re so proud that our Senior Development Programme has enabled them to reach their goals. We hope that many more carers will benefit from this program in the future.

The success of our Senior Development Programme proves just how much potential there is for career growth within our organisation. Our goal is always to provide our caregivers with ample opportunities for personal and professional growth while also creating a supportive culture where everyone feels empowered to take risks and explore new possibilities. We’re so proud that seven of our caregivers have already benefitted from this program by becoming Senior Therapeutic Carers – here’s hoping many more follow suit soon!

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