Deck the Halls fa la la la Here we go again at Timeout Homes!!



Nothing quite says Christmas like turning your home into a winter wonderland. We at Timeout have our own tradition with our annual Deck the Halls competition. But this year, December 2023, we saw an unprecedented level of enthusiasm, creativity and community spirit. It was a thrilling success!!

Wednesday 20th December was the day that Janet and Dominic embarked on their journey to judge the competition, a journey that took a whopping 12 hours! They visited each of our 16 houses that participated in the competition, taking in the sights and sounds of each. Our carers and children had been informed way ahead about the event and were determined to win one of the top three prizes. And boy, did they deliver!

Janet and Dominic were blown away by the creativity and results of the competition. The decorations were nothing short of spectacular – huge balloon displays, custom-made Grinch installations, and a giant present that turned out to be a double door! All the homes were truly breath-taking.

It was a tough decision, but Janet and Dominic finally awarded not just the top three but a total of four homes with amazing prizes. These prizes included an indoor skydiving experience and a monster truck show! The delighted children received their rewards during our annual Christmas party, filled with games, Christmas cheer, and lots of gifts.

This year’s Deck the Halls competition was a remarkable success, and it wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the community spirit of our carers, children. This story just goes to show the power of coming together and celebrating the magic of Christmas. We are already looking forward to next year’s competition and can’t wait to see what our participants will put together. Thank you to everyone involved in making this season special!

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