A Year of Parental Support: A Look Back at 2023’s Timeout Program at Brearley Hall


Parenting is not an easy job. From the moment you bring your child into this world, you are responsible for their wellbeing, education, and emotional support. As fulfilling as it may be, it can also be overwhelming. This is why the Timeout Parent Support Group initiated by Vicky Vandervelde has been a godsend for many parents at Brearley Hall. In 2023, the program provided an array of activities that were both supportive and fun. In this blog, we look back at what made the Timeout program at Brearley Hall in 2023 so special.


The program provided a place where parents could share their parenting experiences, challenges, and concerns with like-minded individuals. The support group meetings were well attended, and the parents had many positive things to say about them. One of the most popular aspects of the program was the wilderness sessions. Parents got to spend time in nature, reconnect with themselves, and benefit from the power of being outside. The program offered ideas on how to include nature-based activities in children’s daily lives, helping them connect with the outdoors.


In addition to wilderness sessions, parents also loved the cooking classes. Cooking together is a great way to bond and learn new skills. The classes focused on simple, healthy recipes that parents could replicate at home as well as budget for their weekly shop, our Chef Joel provided parents with healthy meal plans to take home. Time and again, parents have reported feeling more confident in the kitchen since attending the classes. It also created a non-judgmental space for parents to share their experiences and challenges with feeding their children.

The Timeout program 2023 also offered a Christmas themed wreath-making class where parents learned how to create festive decorations for their homes. The wreath-making session was a great example of how the Timeout program goes above and beyond to provide much-needed support for parents. Parents could take their creations back home, share their experiences with their children. This was fun filled session enjoyed by all.

In conclusion, the Timeout Parent Support Group launched by Vicky has been an invaluable resource for parents at Brearley Hall. Parents are grateful for a space that provided activities and practical knowledge that helped them in their parenting journey. The program provided a safe, inclusive environment for parents to connect with other like-minded individuals and provided them with a holistic approach towards parenting. It has given staff and parents a feeling of community and support which will undoubtedly continue to develop. The Timeout program will continue to offer support to parents in 2024, providing a variety of creative, fun, and supportive experiences.

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