The Power of our Parent Support Group


The Parent Support Group, an innovative approach to community-driven parenting that goes beyond the traditional PTA. These support groups not only offer a safe space for parents to share their burdens and seek advice but also serve as a launchpad for building a community of strength, resilience, and shared responsibility.

Parenting, especially in the context of special needs, can be an exceedingly isolating experience. What sounds like a casual trip to the supermarket for most families can entail an intricate dance of preparedness and perseverance for others. Our conversation with Vicky—pioneering this movement at Brearley Hall School—highlights the everyday challenges parents face and the dire need for a structured support system.

Vicky’s depiction of the average day for a parent with a special needs child is eye-opening. She illustrates how what may seem trivial to the uninitiated can become a mountainous task to those living it. This undying support is a bridge, prescribing inclusivity, and understanding in a world that often feels indifferent.

Vicky’s ambitious goal of establishing the parent support group extends beyond mere solidarity. It’s about creating a movement within the company. Monthly meetings, support calls, and workshops are practical avenues for parents to feel empowered and equipped with the tools to champion their children’s well-being and their own.

The parent support group model sets a precedent for a more holistic approach to family care. It’s a future where our schools, and local organisations align in their support of parents, recognising the shared responsibility in shaping the lives of future generations.

Vicky’s initiative at Brearley Hall is a testament to the resilience and innovation that is possible when staff, teachers and carers rallies around a vision of compassion and support. It’s a model that has all the trappings of enduring success—a potent blend of community, strategy, and, most importantly, heart.

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